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Bosman creates new applications for its expertise and production techniques every day. A strong up and coming market is the renewable energy market. Together with our sister companies we work on strategies, innovations and product development to be able to offer sustainable solutions.

Our sister company SAMetal Bellows (USA) manufactures maintenance free accumulators (actuators), for instance, which are used on a worldwide scale and for many applications under the most critical and difficult circumstances.

It goes without saying that oil leaks are bad for the environment. In addition, replacing / maintaining actuators with regard to windturbines is a costly operation. The accumulators of Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows have proven to be a maintenance-free solutions.

Restricting the electricity output during strong winds is necessary for all types of wind turbines. The turbine would otherwise get overloaded. Wind turbine manufacturers offer two methods of restricting the output: through restriction of turbine blade speed or through turbine blade pitch control. Both methods are based on continuous adjustment of the pitch of the turbine blades in relation to the turbine hub.

Each turbine blade has its own hydraulic actuator with positioning recognition in order to gaurantee that the wind turbine can work consistently.