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Transition piece

Bosman specialises in (re) design and manufacturing of transition pieces. Transition pieces are critical parts of a gas turbine and lead the hot gas of the combustion chambers to the turbine guide vanes. Due to complex design from a circular inlet to trapezium shaped outlet and the 3D curved shape a severe load is inevitable.

Standard material being used by OEMs is Hastelloy X, but upgrades to Nimonix 263 or Inconel 625 are recommended and applied by SABosman with great succes. Moreover the use of thermal barrier coatings and stellite coatings contributes to an extension of the time between repairs and the life span of the transition pieces.

Bosman also guarantees the exchangeability. Our customers may order single parts rather than complete turbine sets. Bosman can guarantee proper turbine fitting as our tooling and fixtures simulate the actual turbine fitting. Moreover we define “best fit” tolerances with our customers to ensure assembly in the gas turbine will be optimized.

With regard to repair we offer maintenance programmes (life cycle programmes) and supply replacement parts as picture frames and upper shells to service companies on a world-wide scale.