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Various aircraft parts

SABosman and its customers are challenged daily to develop new affordable and improved products and processes. The aircraft industry developes extremely fast and both Boeing and Airbus have more than six years’ worth of orders in place. Critical CO2 and NOx emissions, noise levels and growing operational cost caused by rising fuel cost create an enormous pressure to keep developing aircraft engines. Quality, safety and durability are central of course.

Bosman us a flexible and dynamic company, which is part of a financially sound organization this gives our customers security…

… Bosman guarantees continuity during the life span of an aircraft engine…

Typical Bosman products:

  • Actived Clearance Control Systems
  • Combustion chambers (both conventional as well as DryLowNoX)
  • Heat shields (superalloys Hastelloy X, Haynes 188)
  • Casings (light weight sheet metal fabrications)
  • Seals ( segments / honeycomb)