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Aircraft engines

Bosman performs engineering and manufacturing of high-quality metal components and structures for aircraft engines.

Typical Bosman components are:
• Active Clearance Control systems (this system minimises axial leakage in engines, resulting in lower fuel consumption).
• Heat shields and gas turbine hot section parts (components having to withstand temperature, pressure and aggressive combustion gases).
• Combustion chambers (both conventional and low emission combustion chambers).
• Lightweight constructions (innovative processes to eliminate heavy cast parts, reduced fuel consumption, a less polluting production process).

You can find our components in commercial aircraft, helicopters and military aircraft.
Production options at Bosman are, among others, forming of super alloys, precision welding, vacuum soldering, EDM, laser cutting, heat treatment and non-destructive testing.

We are AS9100 rev. C, NADCAP, SABRe and ISO14001 certified.