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Bosman is a flexible and service-oriented company offering innovative, efficient and reliable solutions to its customers. Our portfolio comprises high-quality metal products that are used in aircraft engines, aerospace, turbines (gas and steam), the (petro)chemical industry and in the sustainable energy market.

Typical products and services:

• Active Clearance Control systems (clearance optimisation in aircraft engines and turbines)
• Combustion chamber systems (hot section aircraft engine & turbines, low emission CO2, NOx)
• Exhaust systems (low noise level, cleaner fumes, lightweight constructions)
• Turbine struts (lightweight constructions)
• Turbine housings
• Turbine seals (clearance optimisation in turbines and rotating machines = less leakage)
• Fuel nozzles (low emission)
• Piping and ducting (air, fuel and oil)
• Life cycle management (optimal life cycle cost of (re)design to repair)
• Ad hoc repairs
• One stop shop (complete (supply) management)
• Distribution and support sister companies Senior plc ( )