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The markets we serve make use of high-quality materials, including:

• Stainless steel (AISI)
• Inconel 625 and 718
• Hastelloy X
• 17-4 PH
• Jethete
• Nimonic 263
• Titanium

Production capability

Bosman has all expertise and technology to be able to process sheet metal parts.

We have extensive experience in processing super alloys (60% + nickel) and can process sheet material with a thickness of 0.3mm to 12mm.

The key processes we apply are: (also see our virtual tour)

1. Forming:
• Deep-drawing (600 tonnes max.)
• Cold and warm forming
• Squaring
• Hydro-forming
• Roll forming (1.2m max.)

2. Machining:
• CNC milling (1m³)
• CNC turning (max. diameter 1.3m)

3. Heat treatment in vacuum and vacuum soldering:
• Vacuum oven: L1500, H1000 and D1100 mm – max. temp. 1250°C)

4. Welding (joining):
• Manual TIG welding (15 welding boxes)
• Automatic welding (circular and longitudinal joints, max. diameter 2250mm)
• Resistance welding (spot welding and circular seam welding)
• Induction soldering
• Manual soldering
• Laser welding (by an approved supplier)

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