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Logistical process

Bosman has invested in a customer-focussed ERP system (Visual manufacturing) for determining the real-time capacity and order status, whereby the optimum mix of people, resources, machines and materials are determined and deployed. Our industry is dynamic and customer’s needs can fluctuate considerably. New product development also requires a short lead time, a key success factor in getting orders.

SABosman is fully equipped to be able to quickly adjust to the market demand. Even during the market research and quotation process, possible bottlenecks are identified and solved and an industrialisation plan with all process steps and time frames are a standard part of our quotations.

Bosman has a proven track record and distinguishes itself when it comes to “speed to market” and delivery reliability. Repeat orders, new products, high volumes, single piece production and repairs are what SABosman works on every day.

Customer satisfaction studies and scorecards from customers are visible to the employees and are an inportant KPI which is monitored daily.