Senior Aerospace Bosman bv located in barendrecht The Netherlands offers on time delivery of innovative solutions, quality products and services.


Senior Aerospace Bosman offers customized engineering solutions, (emergency) repairs and replacement parts for industrial applications


Senior Aerospace Bosman is market leader in the area of engineering, production, repair and improvement of critical aircraft components.


Senior Aerospace Bosman is part of Senior plc, UK. Senior plc divisions aerospace and flexonics are strategically located worldwide
Bosman specialises in manufacturing “hot section” components of the gas turbine.

We also maintain rotating equipment like pumps, compressors, turbine and exhaust components.

SABosman has an excellent reputation in the field of innovative and customer-focussed engineering services and solutions.

Bosman performs engineering and manufacturing of high-quality metal components and structures for aircraft engines.

Senior Aerospace Bosman bv – Bergen 6 – 2993 LR – Barendrecht
Phone : +31 (0) 180 656 800